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Im  Baaack  Garr! Empty Im Baaack Garr!

Post  cumbriandave32 on Fri Oct 03, 2008 4:25 pm

is training on this sunday?

go murph well said like, and the nighthawks!!!
hopefully numbers has picked up

nearly didnt make it home from menorca, after my brush with the law, got let off as i didnt nick the boat or ship that i was stranded on as they put it, cos i was squealing for help as i bobbed aimlesssly round citudella harbour floating out into the mediteranean, before being hauled ashore and booted in the clink, Butch thats rock n roll well im not quite the mariner yet.

mind it wouldnt be so bad if i hadnt found the crapest speedboat in the entire harbour to fall into, didnt have oars and didnt have a roof after i finished wid it!


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